Smile Gallery

John's Case

John struggled with overcrowding and uneven teeth, but after coming to Terrace Smiles and receiving a full mouth reconstruction with crowns, he is happier than ever and says the end result is unbeatable.

Joel's Case

Joel has been a guest of ours for over a decade and has received crowns, invisalign, and more. This has changed his overall dental health immeasurably and given him the smile he so proudly wears today.

Paul's Case

Paul struggled with cracked and decaying teeth, but after visiting Dr. Witt and receiving crowns, his teeth look great and he is able to smile with confidence! He couldn’t be happier.

David's Case

David had missing teeth that hindered his ability to smile fully and with confidence but after the new addition of implant dentures, he is able to smile bright and show all of his teeth.

Nancy's Case

Nancy was previously unhappy with her smile, but after coming to Terrace Smiles, her smile is better than ever all thanks to the magnificent transformation of her teeth through the addition of dental crowns.

Dianne's Case

Dianne had poor dental work done that she was not happy with, so she came to Terrace Smiles, and Dr. Witt was able to redo her implants, prevent gum disease, and give her a smile that changed her life and made her happier than ever.

Janice's Case

Janice can smile and engage with others much more confidently now because of her new smile. The transformation made her unrecognizable and she couldn’t be happier with how it has enhanced her everyday life.

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