Flouride is Key to Your Optimal Oral Health

Flouride is Key to Your Optimal Oral Health

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an ingredient that is renowned in the medical world for its ability to help strengthen the enamel of the tooth. Children have long been encouraged to rinse with fluoride daily. Whether people get a fluoride treatment at the dentist, have drinking water that gets treated with trace amounts of fluoride, or use toothpaste with fluoride in it, it’s proven to be beneficial to your teeth.

How Does Fluoride Benefit Teeth?

Fluoride benefits the teeth by helping prevent dental cavities in the teeth of patients who get adequate exposure to fluoride. Both natural and synthetic fluorides have a strong effect on the dental health and well-being. For European countries who do not fluoridate their water, the average amount of cavities that someone gets goes up by about 30%.

Where Can I Get Fluoride For My Teeth?

Fluoride is found in many different places. Many of these places are parts of our daily lives, including some of the most prominent being the following:


Many communities have added trace amounts of fluoride to their water supply to ensure that everyone who drinks tap or public water gets fluoride exposure for their teeth simply by drinking the water.


Many kinds of toothpaste include fluoride in their formula to ensure that your teeth are exposed to fluoride on a daily basis when you brush your teeth.

Mouth Rinses

Many types of mouthwash include fluoride which ensures that you are able to keep your enamel healthy and strong as well as fortifies the strength of your teeth.

In Professional Fluoride Treatments

Dentists offer special professional fluoride treatments in their offices that provide additional exposure to fluoride for your teeth. These treatments are highly recommended for children under 18. Adults can take the treatment too without any risk of harming their teeth from overexposure to fluoride as well.

By incorporating fluoride into these different items, your teeth are very likely to get adequate exposure to fluoride just through the general activities that you do to keep your mouth fresh and clean on a daily basis.


At Terrace Smiles Dentistry, we are happy to provide you with the fluoride treatments that you need for healthy, long-lasting teeth. If you are seeking fluoride treatments and regular cleanings, please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation or to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.


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