Dental Braces

Dental Braces in Tampa, FL

Are you wondering what to do about your crooked teeth? They’re probably crooked because they came in tilted, sideways, overlapping, or spaced too far apart. As a result, they are not upright, and you may be embarrassed about your smile. Dental braces upright the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire by torquing and tipping them from the very first appointment.

Treatment time for comprehensive orthodontic therapy should take more than 120 days with dental braces and could take less than 120 days for non-deep bite cases with dental braces, depending on the patient cooperation and clinical experience of the treating dentist.

  • Patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days and some could be out of the braces in about 100 days.
  • Decreased reported pain.
  • Speedy alignment of dental braces assists dentists by making certain procedures less difficult, such as cleaning the crooked teeth, installing crowns, veneers or implants.


Q: What are Dental Braces?

A: Like traditional braces, Dental Braces technology consists of metal brackets and wires. Unlike traditional braces, however, Dental Braces are supported by over a quarter century of research and consist of specially-patented methods that move teeth roots easily with lighter force and fewer wires or adjustments. This gets you straightened teeth safely and quickly!

Q: How much do Dental Braces cost?

  1. If you have dental insurance, we will work with your insurance company to ensure maximum coverage. If you don’t, we have payment plan options that can be spread out over __ months, so you can secure your investment in the future of your smile over time. For specific estimates, please contact our billing department at

Q: What causes crooked teeth?

A: As mentioned above, teeth are usually crooked because they came in tilted, sideways, overlapping, or spaced too far apart. They may also…


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