Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tampa, FL

With the advancement of dental technology and the increasing popularity of makeover TV shows, cosmetic dentistry is getting a spotlight of its own. The excitement over cosmetic dentistry has spread to the Temple Terrace area, thanks in part to Dr. Witt.

Since 74% of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can hurt your career success, we believe it is important to help people in their everyday lives by giving them beautiful smiles.

By focusing on the entire smile and not just a few teeth, Dr. Witt is always sure to give his guests the most natural-looking smile and, more importantly, each guest is excited about the results. We use the following techniques of cosmetic dentistry:

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Look younger in under an hour!

Your smile is very important. Teeth Whitening can be the answer to brightening your smile and your outlook on life so you look and feel great. A whiter smile can give you that extra edge in life and Dr. Witt can help you achieve it through Zoom Whitening.

A whiter smile can make you appear years younger. Your smile is very important. Why? Because according to recent studies, 74% of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can hurt your career success. This applies not only to work but your everyday social life as well.

Deep Bleaching

Amazing whitening results with little to no sensitivity. Deep Bleaching™ Extreme Whitening

Deep Bleaching is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your appearance.

Whether you want to add an extra sparkle to your smile for that special occasion or simply perfect your look, whitening is simple, affordable and safe. Nothing makes you look “Wow!” like a white smile and nothing whitens teeth like Deep Bleaching.

The difference with Deep Bleaching is the results. With Deep Bleaching, your teeth will whiten beyond any other bleaching technique.

Deep Bleaching works by revitalizing the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen is absorbed into the tooth and breaks down large dark stain molecules to small white particles. The results are amazing.

Questions and Answers

Answers for the questions we get the most regarding cosmetic dentistry.

What does Deep Bleaching Involve?

This technique takes a little more time and a little more effort, but will result in a whiteness beyond what any other recognized bleaching technique can create, and a result that is absolutely permanent with easy periodic maintenance at home.

Will they look too white?

No, Deep Bleaching brings out the natural whitens of your teeth and natural teeth rarely look too white. Sometimes very white crowns can look artificial because they are made of porcelain.

Will my crown, veneers are fillings whiten too?

No, If you have any of these on your front teeth, you may need to replace some of these after bleaching.

Is there pain or discomfort?

Occasionally patients experience some mild, transient sensitivity, however Dr. Witt will give you easy-to-us AB desensitizing swabs to take home.

How long does it last?

Results can last indefinitely with some very simple maintenance, wearing the trays for one night every 2-3 months.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes. Bleaching techniques and products have been used for many years without reports of any damage to teeth or gums. Bleaching is considered entirely safe.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge literally bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

A dental bridge is made up of two dental crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap with a false tooth or teeth in between. These false teeth can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.

All of your teeth play an important role in speaking, chewing, maintaining proper alignment of other teeth and, of course, smiling. Tooth loss doesn’t necessarily have to occur as you age, but if you do lose teeth, they must be replaced to maintain proper function of your mouth.

Fortunately, we can provide you with options for correcting tooth loss.

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